Game TV

UserGamesTV (UGTV) is the latest brainchild of Ltd. (, the premier developer and publisher of online games. In its continuous pursuit of improving its craft for the benefit of gamers, has once again made it easier for the gaming community to know the latest in the online gaming world through UGTV.

UGTV is a social media interactive game TV show that offers interesting facts about each of the games offered by, as well as other sought after online games and partner products, including news and updates, new features, new characters, game mechanics, tips and tricks, items of the week, upcoming games, interviews with celebrity gamers and a whole lot more of never before seen happenings that will surely touch the imagination of high level gamers and new ones alike. Besides informing viewers what is happening to the gaming world, UGTV also offers the most participative gamers attractive prizes.

UGTV is set to be broadcasted bi-monthly in some major network TV channels globally and through the internet. To allow the gaming aficionados to catch each episode anytime they want however, UGTV is also offered through social media. It is in fact the very first gaming television show on Facebook made available through the UGTV Facebook Application. UGTV Apps are likewise accessible on iPad, iPhone, Android, iPod and the Apple Store.

Just as the show is beneficial to online game players and gaming enthusiasts, it could also prove to be a valuable medium for online gaming publishers, developers and partners who would want to showcase what they have to offer to the gaming community. Through UGTV, they can market and promote their products before the 650 million active users of Facebook, the same Facebook users who install 20 million applications daily. It would only be normal to expect a product or service shown in UGTV to be a byword in social media and its target market in no time.

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