Beijing Game Tiger World Technology Co. LTD was founded in 2011 with one goal in mind: to develop a new breed of entertaining online game.

Utilising a vast range of experience and skills from both East and West - built up over years of developing and publishing some of the most successful online titles around the world - the passionate team behind Game Tiger World knows what it takes to create industry-leading games. Game Tiger World provides the independent intellectual property rights of online comprehensive entertainment content for game development.

The company has a very strong technical developing strength and a very experienced creative team, strong capital base, and gets top international research and technical support. The company has excellent management and top international concept and R&D technology experts, ensuring each product has strong market competitiveness. This, alongside the drive for success, a truly global mindset, and a love and knowledge of games, places the company in a perfect position to be at the forefront of the next generation of online gaming, creating the titles most sought after and loved by the global gaming community.

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Arkanology Games - The GM European Development Office

Arkanology Games is an upcoming massively multiplayer online game developer and service provider based in Willich, Germany, founded in October 2011. Arkanology Games passionate determination is to develop immersive, pvp-heavy MMOGs with easy-to-complex-depth.

Arkanology Games is dedicated to creating new online gaming experiences for gamers by gamers. With scientific expertise in game design and computer science, long years of knowledge of online game products both as players and independent developers, the team's passion for details is going to bring a fresh breeze to the market.

This in-depth knowledge of designing and realising state-of-the-art online games shapes the dynamic and adaptive character of the company.

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